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Let's connect in more relevant ways.

Introducing beacons.

Beacons are just what their name implies: little wireless radios that emit a Bluetooth signal over and over again announcing "Here I am! Here I am!" That's it. By themselves, beacons aren't much use. However, if your mobile app is programmed to listen for these beacons and knows how to respond, they can be used in some pretty amazing ways.

When a user's app "hears" a beacon, it recognizes the beacon's unique identity and identifies the approximate distance away based on the radio signal strength. The app can then use this information to figure out how to respond to the nearby visitor.

Why they work.

Beacons allow you to engage with your visitors by delivering relevant, timely and targeted messages. Boost sales or foot traffic to gift shops and restaurants; reward repeat visitors with points, discounts, or special promotions; and collect guest feedback with post-visit surveys.

Are beacons right for your attraction?

Integrating beacons doesn't mean a complete overhaul of the marketing department. This technology complements traditional marketing initiatives and provides an up to date method of research that will move your marketing forward. Beacons assist in collecting information about your visitors while they are on-site and engaged with what they are seeing and doing.

With nearly one-third of the world projected to own and use a mobile device by 2018, it is time to consider a strong mobile strategy. And, with Android and Apple smartphones now built as beacons-compatible, the question of if has now been replaced with when.

Implementation is easy.

Attractions already using the Capacity platform have experienced how easy it is to manage their mobile app and website from one system. And now, you can also manage your beacons messaging from the same place.

We have plans of all types depending on the size of your attraction and how you'd like to use them. Our team will consult you on best-practices and brainstorm messaging strategy, as well as handle the implementation and installation. Once everything is in place, we'll work with you to test each beacon, and train your staff.

Don't have a mobile app on the Capacity platform? That's okay. Let's talk about how we can help you implement beacons.

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Targeted Messaging

Beacons push proximity and in-range messaging to visitors using your mobile app. The value for attractions in implementing beacons is having another communication outlet for pushing relevant content to guests when and where it matters most.

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Create Richer Experiences

We aren't limited to text-style push notifications with beacons, so consider how you'd like to enrich the visitor experience at your attraction. Push videos, images, links, offers and more. And, the great news, from your Capacity platform, you can easily manage and change your messages as exhibits change, for traffic flow, seasonal specials or based on engagement with the message.

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More Data at Your Fingertips

Marketers love data and using beacons provides you with another source of valuable information about your primary audience - your visitors. Access real-time data from your beacons management dashboard and see data like new vs. returning visitors, time spent within exhibits and much more. Turn around and use this data to tailor your messaging, or maybe even your layout to cater to the preferences of your visitors.

Beacons aren't just an avenue to push messages to your visitor based on their location. They also help your organization collect valuable data about how people are interacting with your attraction/exhibit to help you provide more value during their visit.

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