Every Business Has a Personality

“Develop each individual’s unique strengths while creating an aligned perspective and shared vision. When you do this, you’ll see your team start pulling in the same direction.”
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If you know that you’re an ENFP and a 7 on the Enneagram, then you’re likely quite familiar with personality tests. We have all taken these tests, sometimes for fun, but usually in pursuit of finding out how to best work with others. Let’s take that a step further and apply these practices to your business.

Why? Because your business is constantly absorbing the personalities, values, morals, behaviors, and mindsets of the people who belong to it today, as well as the ones who have come before.

Have you ever thought about your company as having a unique personality?

How does your business operate internally?

How does it interact with other companies? With partners? With stakeholders?

Finding your business’s identity is vital to optimizing strengths and opportunities

Different personalities and strengths are critical to the health of a growing business. How else can you cover each other’s blind spots and grow? Very different people can align their perspectives to make intentional decisions based on shared goals.

This alignment speeds up your progress and increases your chance of success. It’s that simple.

Capacity offers a free business personality assessment to evaluate how a business approaches decisions. Each team member takes the assessment and the results reveal how a business will most likely act in different situations.

The Business Identity Assessment evaluates how a business approaches four core competencies:

  • People – What do we prioritize in our team members?
  • Strategy – What is our purpose in the market?
  • Implementation – How do we approach business challenges?
  • Resource Allocation – How do we decide where to spend our resources?

In each competency, a business is classified into one of two categories. This categorization means a business will act according to certain characteristics the majority of the time.

Align what each individual believes is true about the business

A business may start out as an extension of the identity of its founder or leaders, but over time it becomes more than the sum of its parts. Understanding this core wiring is fundamental to creating alignment.

Develop each individual’s unique strengths while creating an aligned perspective and shared vision. When you do this, you’ll see your team start pulling in the same direction.

Move from individual instinctual work to strategically aligned action

We know each individual’s personality impacts how they make decisions.

Finding personalities that align isn’t the answer. If each individual brings their unique personality to the table and their perspectives of the business align, then everyone can approach decisions intentionally. Decisions about strategy, people, resource allocation, and implementation can end up being intentional instead of instinctual.

Everyone is using their unique talents to get the ship where it needs to go.

Unsure what your business’s personality is? Take us up on the free assessment and discover your business identity to better understand how to optimize for growth.

It’s worth the five minutes.

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