Arts & Horticulture

Dixon Gallery & Gardens

Project Goals

The Dixon Gallery and Gardens is one of Memphis' most dynamic and distinctive cultural institutions. With a legacy of elegance and beauty, the Dixon is beloved by many members in the community. The goal of the Dixon redesign was to bring the beauty of the gardens and galleries into the website, and to create an interactive experience that would boost membership and traffic to the attraction.

Cultural Showcase.

The website features interactive video in the background as well as prominently featuring events and education, membership options and social media platforms. Creating paths that are easy for visitors to identify with and push them deeper into the site is done thorugh the main nav, but also by highlighting the five key paths most visited.

One of our favorite custom features is featured on the home page. Visitors are invited to dig in and explore all that's happening at the Gallery & Gardens, and this section pushes content dynamically from the blog. The most current post is featured in the primary, left-most placement, while other recent content makes it's way to the right; keeping the newest content available easily from the home page. The Dixon team does a great job internally of keeping this content fresh and pulling in content and events information from a variety of sources on their team, putting programs front-and-center that will appeal to a wide-range of audiences.

Up-to-date, on-the-go

The Dixon's mobile app puts descriptions of each exhibit in the hands of visitors and members, along with the upcoming events calendar and other information like hours and admission prices. The beauty of Capacity is that it makes managing your digital assets so much easier on your musuem staff. The Dixon creates their new exhibits content and upcoming calendar, and this content is pushed to their website and mobile app, keeping information in sync.