Know Wonder

Georgia Aquarium

Project Goals

Georgia Aquarium is a sprawling, world-class aquarium located in Atlanta, Georgia. Because of its sheer size (it is the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere), Georgia Aquarium was looking for an app development partner that could understand and ease the wayfinding burden of aquarium visitors while providing engaging and timely information (news, events, exhibits, etc.) to enhance the overall on-site experience. After an intense, national bid process, Speak was selected as Georgia Aquarium’s app development partner.

Adventures abound here.

Working with Georgia Aquarium, we developed a mobile app for iOS and Android markets, putting in place a hand-held device that has become a beneficial tool for all visitors. Today using the mobile app, visitors can navigate more easily through the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere with the GPS-enabled map.

Beyond just the way-finding benefits, visitors can see all the various exhibits available, and the animal species found in each area. The team at the Georgia Aquarium use audio tours within the app, giving visitors a guided tour of their favorite animals in each exhibit.

A leader in guest experience

Beyond being the largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium strives to remain cutting-edge and is an early adopter of new technologies aimed at enriching the on-site experience. We've just completed the build out and are now in the process of deploying bluetooth beacon technology that will provide micro-targeted messaging as well as real-time reporting on traffic patterns throughout the aquarium. Stay tuned for more on this exciting new deployment.