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You aren’t a startup anymore.
It’s time to grow!

Capacity supports small, growing businesses to get them organized, connected and equipped to scale.
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Funding for Chattanooga

What do you need to overcome?

Talent is equally distributed… opportunity and access are not.

Most company founders and operations are underserved and underestimated.

We believe small, promising companies have the most built-in capacity to create value and radically change their community. As they grow and thrive, we all benefit.

Barriers to growth clearly exist for small business owners. They hear “no” too often. But we see these everyday heroes continue to operate even without equitable access to financial resources or socially beneficial networks.

That is why we are here. We serve companies building the economic, social and cultural fabric of every community… our collective future.

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Founders like to work with other founders. Most tools just don’t fit where you are in your growth trajectory. We can help find what is most useful to you.


Capacity is designed to build trust and help break down barriers. We work together with you and a proven network of peers and allies.


We can clarify what’s missing, where to find it, and ask the hard questions to help get you where you belong.


Go from discouraged, overlooked and underestimated to an everyday hero profoundly changing a community’s future.

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Become a part of a powerful network of resources for growing companies.


wanting to make it to the next level but not sure where to start –– or how to connect.

Service Partners

wanting to make it to the next level but not sure where to start –– or how to connect.


providing a variety of technical assistance for small, growing businesses.


supporting and sharing in the success of companies poised for growth.

For founders of small, growing companies, accessing resources that “fit” is a common constraint.

If you want to grow, but face big decisions in a challenging environment.
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If your organization assists growing companies and would like to figure out how to collaborate.
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