Looking for flexible and founder-aligned growth funding?

Capacity Capital supports underestimated founders by finding funding that fits.
Funding for Chattanooga

Need funding to grow to the next level?

Most business capital efforts are focused on fast-growth startups, not small growing businesses.

We’re out to change that with revenue-based investment for everyday heroes building companies. This funding is less-dilutive and more closely aligns founder and investor interests.

We invest in the overlooked and the underestimated: those off the beaten path for most banks and other forms of growth capital.

We help build capacity for companies and communities through our unique focus on revenues instead of valuations or collateral.

Our approach tends to provide higher long-term value for investors, and better outcomes for underestimated business owners and the places they call home.

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Active Engagement

Founders like to work with funding partners that have been founders.

Venture Partners

Connect with a growing list of specialists within certain ecosystems.

Capital Partners

Align your capital needs with your business intent and growth strategy.


Participate in a growing community of talent, capital and resources to get unstuck.

What we look for

Small, post-startup, post-revenue, growing companies.


Committed, non-solo, self-aware, coachable, and transparent.


Sustained $20-200k per month, recurring preferred.


Local operations with broad reach. Typically tech, services, light mfg.


High margin economics, capital-efficient, profitable, or near break-even.


“Line of sight” to 2X revenues in 12-24 months.


We invest across the US with a Southeast focus.

For founders of small, growing companies, accessing funding that “fits” is a common constraint. The wrong type of capital can be damaging.

If your organization assists growing companies and would like to figure out how to collaborate.
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